Blog Review: Mr. Money Moustache

Mr. Money Moustache (aka MMM) has some pretty interesting concepts. So far, I’ve read the first 12 blogs written in April 2011 and I’ve quickly realized I have a ton of catching up to do! He’s a smart guy. He’s very analytical in nature and occasionally loses me in the details, but he still has a dry sense of humor that comes out in the blog. He understand realism for the most part and helps you come to your own conclusions with the decisions you need to make. I think there are some good things to be learned from him and plan to continue reading his blog to the point of catching up to the most recent posts. It could take a while, but right now, I don’t want to miss anything he has shared.

So far, actions I want to take to compliment our current savings plans:

1) We have currently dropped back on saving to our 401k, so we can pay down debts. I’m not sure if this is a plan MMM suggested, but our financial advisor recommended it. Hopefully this time next year, we will be debt free except a mortgage payment. (Additional savings +$900/month)

2) He suggested biking everywhere you can. The roads we have to take currently have not been very biker-friendly. I believe a house we have a bid on right now is better fit biking to Newburg shops, so I’m mentally committing to biking to the store and post office whenever possible. (Additional savings +$0.50/mile in gas, maintenance and wear and tear AND +$300/month for the house if we get it).

3) I need to calculate what our actual annual living expenses are and apply that in a mortgage calculator MMM provided. I also need to fill in the rest of the blanks and understand them better with our advisor. This will help me understand what we need to save annually to get to our goal of retiring earlier and living off the interest of our savings instead of the principle. MMM provides some interesting concepts in one of his blogs about retirement calculators.

4) I am currently researching all of our current expenses and figuring out ways to cut 10%-75% of the expense. We took advantage of the black Friday sales this week and invested in a new television. My goal is to eventually reduce our monthly cable bill by switching some of our movie channels off and signing up for one of the streaming media subscriptions. Finding other alternatives for the way we live our daily lives will be a focus going forward.

5) Other adjustments I am going to start focusing on:
– master growing vegetables and herbs
– Save for a boat, so we will be able to fish for a majority of our meals
– Actively save money from monthly savings (i.e. put the weekly amount of money not spent on eating out into savings)
– face the monthly fitness issue. Right now, it is around $250/month for the two of us. I know that is ridiculous, hence why I need to call with it.
– Calculate how much we need to earn from Brass Hammer Designs a month to offset any expenses.

And so, this really begins the effort of “my journey out of the rat race.”



What’s the Secret?!

Seriously? I’m so frustrated with work. I have a great job, but all I think about it how to move on. The job is almost too challenging and I keep wondering if this is what I want to keep doing. I’m sad and depressed waiting to not have to work anymore and I’m only 38! How do people do this?! I still have 27 years of it if you go with current retirement age for my generation. Meanwhile my rich brother is living a dream. I want to live a dream too, but sadly my early retirement plan is playing the lottery and rolling the dice. So far all that had been is the idiot tax that I anticipated.

I really want out of the rat race! How do I do this and what sacrifices are we really making? We need healthcare, we need enough means to live and afford a few amenities. Is it even possible?

How do we tap into our creativity that gets us paid? We have a great retirement business idea, and we’re feeding it as a hobby. My husband is amazingly talented with woodworking. But it’s an expensive hobby and people aren’t willing to pay the process we charge for heirloom pieces. And we don’t exactly have the time to sacrifice to push it to the right people.


So how do we do it between now and 67? I just found a blog called Mr. Moustache Money that claims to have retired at 30 and he is near my age. I’ll be back – going to study over the long holiday weekend. Happy Turkey Day!

Tough Day to be a Business Woman

I’m searching on line for a clue about a specific behavior I experienced this week with three different business men. Perhaps you can help me out.

I attended a trade show this week. While walking the floor on the second day by myself, an Italian man with a used car salesman flare jumped out into the aisle to talk to me in his booth. He was flattering at first, but talked too much. The more I entertained this man, the more he talked. But at the same time, he is looking all around me almost looking for someone else he would rather talk to. It didn’t leave the best impression on me about him.

Then I experienced it with two other gentlemen that were genuinely interested in seeing me at this show. They were both from the UK. For them, I think they were nervous. The difference that I felt is that they didn’t try to have other conversations with anyone else. The older Italian white haired man was hollering out at people, particularly women, while talking to me.

But maybe I’m just a naive business woman. And maybe you all can tell me what really was happening. I’m forever studying behaviors in my journey.


I Have a Secret

I’m plotting against my husband!

Christmas is coming and I’m planning something so big I can’t keep quiet. He never sees this blog; he may not know it even exists…. So I’m risking it and sharing with you that I’m getting some provocative pinup style pictures done for him. I’ve never been as excited about a gift for him as I have been for this! It’s so fun. Plus I can’t wait to see how beautiful this photographer will see me. I really feel she will capture a beauty from me that will make me feel beautiful and exotic for him.

I couldn’t keep it in. Thanks for listening. Now, shhhhhh…..

Update 11/30/2014 – the pics are turning out so good!!!! Cannot wait to share! Every woman should do pictures like this to show her how beautiful she is to herself!

Passwords Drive Me BatShit Crazy!

I can’t be the only one that this happens to. I have multiple electronics that have several apps and password requiring databases. I cannot keep track of them!

My mom and stepdad had this spreadsheet for their accounts about 10 years ago and I thought it was just silly.

Now in 2014, I’m fighting all the encrypted mazes and password hacking mechanisms and wondering if my accounts are secure enough to avoid the hands of a psycho killer or a thief.  And just writing about this has me worried that I’m at risk.

Maybe I was naive, but at some point, I thought this stuff would get easier. I thought I’d have less accounts. Somehow society forces me to have more. I’ve been in a continued state of questioning how this keeps happening. The latest addition is health insurance. Work has forced us with fees to have more than one insurance or we’ll pay heavier premiums since we both are eligible for insurance with our employers.  It’s obnoxious!

So as part of my journey out of the rat race, I know I won’t feel free until I can simplify. So that will be the goal that I start working towards. It might be farfetched, but I’m going to try to eliminate one password containing account per quarter for the next year. Hopefully that is realistic and I close at least 4 accounts within the next 12 months. I think I can do this….. U think I can do more, but I’m realistic that I am addicted to many of these accounts.

I think I’ll start with one tonight… Let’s see. What time suck can I eliminate first????


Spinning my Chakras

About 2 months ago, my friend and I took a workshop on chakras. Since then, I’ve been exploring them and trying to balance them in my yin yoga class. It is opening my mind to new things. Perhaps I’m focusing on the different emotions and concepts behind the chakras more and that is why I see the changes, but either way, it has been working.


Soon after the workshop, I was struggling with feeling very anxious about a lot of things in life and worrying about how everyone thought of me. I called my friend that attended the workshop with me and asked which chakra was related to that emotion. She told me the solar plexis chakra which is associated with yellow. We talked it over and I realized how disconnected I’ve been with this chakra. One of my yoga instructors suspected this because of a specific pose I was struggling with and is why I attended the workshop per her suggestion. Focusing on that chakra and filling my heart with yellow helped me find that balance I was seeking. But that chakra seems to be the one I neglect the most.

A week later, I felt like my work team wasn’t communicating very well. I decided to “see the blue” and I noticed improvement.

Two weeks later, I decided that I wanted to have a more giving spirit and have true compassion for others. I focused on green, bought some green jewelry to help me remember and now I am fully helping with a homeless drive. I still have a ways to go on this one with friends and family, but I’m definitely seeing more balance here with compassion.

I realized how in tune I am with my third eye in this exercise (seeing purple). I’ve had a connection for a very long time to understanding people’s points of view. It’s almost to a fault of allowing them to have an excuse to any and all negative behavior. The hardest thing for me is to accept them for who they are where they are. I see their potential and their cyclic patterns, and I can bring it to their attention, then cannot get them to move past it. But yoga meditation and not staying focused on that chakra too long has helped me accept it more. I’ve been disconnecting myself from their patterns and trying to just be a better friend, daughter, sister, wife, and coworker to those people. I’ve started to believe that everyone is on a journey and in a different place of their journey.


I still have much more to learn in this area of my life as I’m still my husband’s Buddhist Thug Wife. Thanks for listening.


Hate social media

My friends are ridiculous. Pretty much everyone is ridiculous.

Everyone knows you can’t take anything serious on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat, yet everyone tries to push their personal agendas on all of them and argue and defriend each other. I’m so sick of it!

What happened to being real friends and having real relationships? I don’t care that a person I don’t hang out with regularly has a specific opinion about this political party. I’m about ready to take a break from it all and close the accounts I don’t use regularly to avoid the World of Opinions. That’s all Social Media is: the World of Opinions. It’s also the World of Satire.

If you get anything from this blog today, get this. There should be two rules to social media from now on for you: 1) Know Your Audience and 2) Know Your Friends. If you are offended by something a friend says, think about that friend and who they are and how they behave. Do you think they are serious? Do you REALLY think they are serious? Ask yourself three times before replying to a post that pisses you off. Chances are high they either want the attention or they are joking around! If you hadn’t guessed yet, I’m speaking from experience… watching my sick- humored husband get “good” friends’ panties in a bunch. It’s the opposite of “distance makes the heart grow fonder”… Instead, it’s “distance apparently makes you forget what kind of humor your good friend has.”

CONTEXT people!!!!

Social media:
The World of Opinions
The Ultimate Time Suck.
The World of Satire.
The World of Selfies and Low Self Esteem.
The World of Sensationalized News.
The World of Lies.
The World where Good friendships die.
The World where charity behaviors are ignored and gym posts and food pictures (healthy behaviors) are annoying.
The World of Instant Gratification.
The World of Unsolicited Advice.
The World of Unrealistic Expectations.
The World where jokes are taken too seriously and serious things are joked about.
The World where the rules change daily depending on who your audience is –  which brings me back to the first guideline of Social Media: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!