Hate social media

My friends are ridiculous. Pretty much everyone is ridiculous.

Everyone knows you can’t take anything serious on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram or Snapchat, yet everyone tries to push their personal agendas on all of them and argue and defriend each other. I’m so sick of it!

What happened to being real friends and having real relationships? I don’t care that a person I don’t hang out with regularly has a specific opinion about this political party. I’m about ready to take a break from it all and close the accounts I don’t use regularly to avoid the World of Opinions. That’s all Social Media is: the World of Opinions. It’s also the World of Satire.

If you get anything from this blog today, get this. There should be two rules to social media from now on for you: 1) Know Your Audience and 2) Know Your Friends. If you are offended by something a friend says, think about that friend and who they are and how they behave. Do you think they are serious? Do you REALLY think they are serious? Ask yourself three times before replying to a post that pisses you off. Chances are high they either want the attention or they are joking around! If you hadn’t guessed yet, I’m speaking from experience… watching my sick- humored husband get “good” friends’ panties in a bunch. It’s the opposite of “distance makes the heart grow fonder”… Instead, it’s “distance apparently makes you forget what kind of humor your good friend has.”

CONTEXT people!!!!

Social media:
The World of Opinions
The Ultimate Time Suck.
The World of Satire.
The World of Selfies and Low Self Esteem.
The World of Sensationalized News.
The World of Lies.
The World where Good friendships die.
The World where charity behaviors are ignored and gym posts and food pictures (healthy behaviors) are annoying.
The World of Instant Gratification.
The World of Unsolicited Advice.
The World of Unrealistic Expectations.
The World where jokes are taken too seriously and serious things are joked about.
The World where the rules change daily depending on who your audience is –  which brings me back to the first guideline of Social Media: KNOW YOUR AUDIENCE!


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