Spinning my Chakras

About 2 months ago, my friend and I took a workshop on chakras. Since then, I’ve been exploring them and trying to balance them in my yin yoga class. It is opening my mind to new things. Perhaps I’m focusing on the different emotions and concepts behind the chakras more and that is why I see the changes, but either way, it has been working.


Soon after the workshop, I was struggling with feeling very anxious about a lot of things in life and worrying about how everyone thought of me. I called my friend that attended the workshop with me and asked which chakra was related to that emotion. She told me the solar plexis chakra which is associated with yellow. We talked it over and I realized how disconnected I’ve been with this chakra. One of my yoga instructors suspected this because of a specific pose I was struggling with and is why I attended the workshop per her suggestion. Focusing on that chakra and filling my heart with yellow helped me find that balance I was seeking. But that chakra seems to be the one I neglect the most.

A week later, I felt like my work team wasn’t communicating very well. I decided to “see the blue” and I noticed improvement.

Two weeks later, I decided that I wanted to have a more giving spirit and have true compassion for others. I focused on green, bought some green jewelry to help me remember and now I am fully helping with a homeless drive. I still have a ways to go on this one with friends and family, but I’m definitely seeing more balance here with compassion.

I realized how in tune I am with my third eye in this exercise (seeing purple). I’ve had a connection for a very long time to understanding people’s points of view. It’s almost to a fault of allowing them to have an excuse to any and all negative behavior. The hardest thing for me is to accept them for who they are where they are. I see their potential and their cyclic patterns, and I can bring it to their attention, then cannot get them to move past it. But yoga meditation and not staying focused on that chakra too long has helped me accept it more. I’ve been disconnecting myself from their patterns and trying to just be a better friend, daughter, sister, wife, and coworker to those people. I’ve started to believe that everyone is on a journey and in a different place of their journey.


I still have much more to learn in this area of my life as I’m still my husband’s Buddhist Thug Wife. Thanks for listening.



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