Passwords Drive Me BatShit Crazy!

I can’t be the only one that this happens to. I have multiple electronics that have several apps and password requiring databases. I cannot keep track of them!

My mom and stepdad had this spreadsheet for their accounts about 10 years ago and I thought it was just silly.

Now in 2014, I’m fighting all the encrypted mazes and password hacking mechanisms and wondering if my accounts are secure enough to avoid the hands of a psycho killer or a thief.  And just writing about this has me worried that I’m at risk.

Maybe I was naive, but at some point, I thought this stuff would get easier. I thought I’d have less accounts. Somehow society forces me to have more. I’ve been in a continued state of questioning how this keeps happening. The latest addition is health insurance. Work has forced us with fees to have more than one insurance or we’ll pay heavier premiums since we both are eligible for insurance with our employers.  It’s obnoxious!

So as part of my journey out of the rat race, I know I won’t feel free until I can simplify. So that will be the goal that I start working towards. It might be farfetched, but I’m going to try to eliminate one password containing account per quarter for the next year. Hopefully that is realistic and I close at least 4 accounts within the next 12 months. I think I can do this….. U think I can do more, but I’m realistic that I am addicted to many of these accounts.

I think I’ll start with one tonight… Let’s see. What time suck can I eliminate first????



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