Tough Day to be a Business Woman

I’m searching on line for a clue about a specific behavior I experienced this week with three different business men. Perhaps you can help me out.

I attended a trade show this week. While walking the floor on the second day by myself, an Italian man with a used car salesman flare jumped out into the aisle to talk to me in his booth. He was flattering at first, but talked too much. The more I entertained this man, the more he talked. But at the same time, he is looking all around me almost looking for someone else he would rather talk to. It didn’t leave the best impression on me about him.

Then I experienced it with two other gentlemen that were genuinely interested in seeing me at this show. They were both from the UK. For them, I think they were nervous. The difference that I felt is that they didn’t try to have other conversations with anyone else. The older Italian white haired man was hollering out at people, particularly women, while talking to me.

But maybe I’m just a naive business woman. And maybe you all can tell me what really was happening. I’m forever studying behaviors in my journey.



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