What’s the Secret?!

Seriously? I’m so frustrated with work. I have a great job, but all I think about it how to move on. The job is almost too challenging and I keep wondering if this is what I want to keep doing. I’m sad and depressed waiting to not have to work anymore and I’m only 38! How do people do this?! I still have 27 years of it if you go with current retirement age for my generation. Meanwhile my rich brother is living a dream. I want to live a dream too, but sadly my early retirement plan is playing the lottery and rolling the dice. So far all that had been is the idiot tax that I anticipated.

I really want out of the rat race! How do I do this and what sacrifices are we really making? We need healthcare, we need enough means to live and afford a few amenities. Is it even possible?

How do we tap into our creativity that gets us paid? We have a great retirement business idea, and we’re feeding it as a hobby. My husband is amazingly talented with woodworking. But it’s an expensive hobby and people aren’t willing to pay the process we charge for heirloom pieces. And we don’t exactly have the time to sacrifice to push it to the right people.


So how do we do it between now and 67? I just found a blog called Mr. Moustache Money that claims to have retired at 30 and he is near my age. I’ll be back – going to study over the long holiday weekend. Happy Turkey Day!


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