2nd dog or not?

Eeek! Last month, our friends adopted a female American Staffordshire from the pound that they thought was fixed. A month later, she had 4 puppies and I WANT ONE!!!! She’s so pretty and the pups are so cute. The pound is covering all expenses including vaccinations and spaying at appropriate ages. And this is mama.


The problem we’re having is life is upside down right now and our 14 year old mini schnauzer, Buster, might not do so well with all of the changes.


For one, he doesn’t like meeting new dogs, but he’ll eventually warm up to them after a spell. I guess the change is what has me nervous. All the extra expenses and responsibilities…. Are we ready for that? We cook our dog’s food now, but he’s only 19 lbs wet; This dog will be 4x that size which means 4x the food…. Oh my!!!!

And two, we have a bid on a house that will hopefully finalize in by the end of January. So right when the puppies are weened, we might be moving….

We have about 6 weeks to decide. Tick tock……


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