In Sickness and In Health

I’m so worried about my husband and his health. The past couple of years have been very trying for us. His health started declining with a back injury and eventually he had fusion surgery in L5-S1. Since then, he’s not seen much relief for his back pain yet and many other symptoms have joined the party. Needless to say, we both are very worried. By the end of every weekend, we both are quietly concerned that something very serious is wrong. We semi-joke about it and in that comic relief moment, he usually “jokes” that he hopes he’s not dying. There’s truth in every joke, right?

We keep searching for answers to each individual ailment, but I wonder and worry that there is something underlying w ith all the symptoms combined and no one is noticing. We are doing the best we can with doctors and dealing with it all hoping someone finds an answer and helps him find relief. Like I said in my blog post on December 30, 2014, life has been kicking him in the dick lately. All pleasures are slowly getting stripped away. First, pain intervened with things and he couldn’t keep exercising, then low testosterone and sex was affected, and now food is not even tasty. He’s losing sleep and is more and more depressed. Of course, he would be. Who wouldn’t be?

I wish I could have given him health for a gift tied up in a pretty bow this past Christmas.

So my point to this entire blog is to say marriage is really hard some days and the traditional vows are real. There is real stress in health issues and trying to find balance in all parts of life. Some of the best advice I have is a bible verse. I might have mentioned that I’m no longer a very religious person, but1 Corinthians 13:4-8 is still in my roots and very relevant for my marriage; it is wise words to live by:



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