Stuck in the Mud

I feel very stuck in the mud lately with our home life. We are in a major state of transition trying to accomplish our financial goals and I am frustrated waiting on it all to change. Plus, the housing market in Northern Kentucky sucks!

As I’ve said in a previous blog post, we have had a bid on a short sale home since July 3rd of last year. It has taken so long already and I have realized in this process that 6 months is our threshold of being in transition. When we bought our first house, we rented it back to the sellers for 6 months. They asked for an extension and we had zero tolerance. We wanted to be in our house and that is where we are now!! We want in our house! So we have moved in to plan B and started looking for alternate houses. (Fortunately we are renting month-to-month in our current place and only have to give 30 days notice.)

So we started looking to find what we want and quickly realized we have the best house bid on in our price range. That sounds fine, but HUD might not approve our offer. And we are 7 months in…. So we have been looking here and there and going up in range and nothing is popping up! It is either too good to be true, distressed sales, they do do not have any of the features we want or it is just too much house for us.

Grrrr! I really want to start painting, organizing and unpacking these boxes that I’ve already forgotten what is in them!!! This is not very zen for me. Every weekend, this is where I am – anxious, impatient and frustrated with the process. Maybe tomorrow will end it well with a few showings.


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