Retire with a plan

So this week I was sick with the flu. It wasn’t that big of a deal besides zapping my energy and feeling achy, but my visualization for retirement became more clear.

I have to be prepared to structure myself somehow when I am retired. If left to my own devices, TV and food and sleep will be all that I do. I think it’s all my husband would do as well. TV is a soul-sucking device and social media is right behind it. I can waste so much time doing both. This is something I must work on.

Maybe we were sitting around a lot more because we’re stuck in limbo with our house situation. Regardless, I must start working on this on 2015. I need to revisit my goals for the year. 

Good news is tomorrow, we will have a new reason to be less bored. We’re bringing home this sweet face.


And hopefully soon after that, we’ll have a new place to live that will be our own. Slowly things are coming together. I look forward to the next several weeks.


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