2 glasses in

Tonight, I’m chillaxing while Josh and the pups sleep. Annie Jr. is beside me and trying to fall off the couch. I’m 2 glasses in and almost ready for bed.

Contractually obligated:

Tonight, I’m trying to stay positive for Josh. We have been searching for answers for his seemingly permanent perversion of taste. The past two years have definitely been rough on him. He’s gone through back pain that got to the point of needing back surgery, then had the back surgery. A year later, he’s not better and we and the surgeon realize the back surgery didn’t work – his fusion didn’t take at the bone graft level. Then, for whatever reason, since Thanksgiving, he has stopped having pleasant food experiences. He’s seen 4 doctors about this and today he saw the specialist’s specialist. That doctor believes the problem is viral related. But because Josh can’t pinpoint a specific cold or illness that caused the change to stay, the doctor ordered an MRI to rule out a brain tumor. He’s scared. I’m trying to be supportive and encourage him that the virus is the reason and that eventually it will go away. He is already showing signs of improvement, so it is promising. But brain and tumor are not two words you want to hear about an unknown illness.

These kinds of medical illnesses and fears make you realize that life is short. It really is and you must enjoy it while you can. Marriage with these illnesses is even harder and you have to be encouraging, supportive, patient, loving, understanding, forgiving, and anything else you can imagine…..

So I’m starting the “Sick husband club” to maintain my sanity. If you need to join, it’s free. I already have 3 women in it. So far the 3 wives represent the following illnesses: unknown gastrointestinal/fatigue issues, testicular cancer, and an inoperable brain tumor. My husband has back issues and now sinus concerns that might be more. What about you? Are there more ladies out there that are healthy and doing really well at a young ages, while watching their husband, fiance, boyfriend, or significant other going through a major health issue? How are you handling it?

Well Annie Jr. finally fell off the couch while she was sleeping. And my 2 glasses in have taken hold. Love each other well.


#puppyporn #puppylove #marriedforthelonghaul #insicknessandinhealth


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