Searching for Reason

This week, I have been facing a lot of things that make you question whether staying in the corporate life is worth it. At some point, you gain a sense of accomplishment for all of the hours and efforts that you put into the job, right?

I guess my frustration is because of several circumstances going on around me.

  • A retired colleague passed away on Friday. That had me reflecting a little. Then another coworker’s boss passed away as well unexpectedly. His wife is pregnant with their first born, so it’s just a disaster.
  • I have another coworker who told me a few weeks ago that her fiance is facing an inoperable brain tumor. She said it well, even though they know he is going to die soon, they cannot quit living.
  • Another coworker’s husband of just 8 months had one of his testicles removed last week due to testicular cancer. They might have minimal invasion type treatments now, but it is still scary for a young couple to deal with.
  • My best friend is facing a really tough time. Her husband was sentenced 10 years minimum without parole for hitting a man during a DUI. That was a plea bargain to avoid trial. This is such disappointing news because we thought he might get a chance for parole with good behavior, but it doesn’t look that way.
  • Her situation makes me think about my step-sister and her husband being in federal prison for child porn. Just when I think I cannot relate to her situation, my friend’s situation makes me understand it more and I realize I’m not very supportive. Personally, I really have a hard time on this one because my friend’s husband is a repeat offender, but still did what he did on accident. My step-sister’s husband committed the crime knowing that it was dead wrong. I cannot believe she is still married to him as a mother of 3 in the same age range of the children in the pictures that he was collecting and redistributing. Despite this personal dilemma I have with this situation, it does not take away the fact that my step-sister is raising his three children alone while he is in prison for at least 11 years.

All of this, plus what is going on with Josh and his health is really make me re-evaluate my career and why I am facing this day-in and day-out type of life. Josh’s health is suffering from him doing the same thing. My boss is a micro-manager and that is frustrating me to no end. Why do the job if he is going to do it for me? I’m feeling less and less satisfied with my work life and just want to spend time with what is important – with Josh, my family, visiting my good friends, playing with my dogs and enjoying life. Perhaps a vacation is due soon….



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