Depression runs deep

How do you handle when someone you love is depressed? It’s so hard to not get sucked into their depression and their world. Do you remember that commercial that was for some type of medication for depression? It used to say that depression affects everyone. It’s so true.

What sucks in my situation is that the person doesn’t admit that they are depressed. They think they are being realistic, but I see that the joy of life, the spark, is not in their eyes. Every action they take seems to avoid disappointment or pain. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me being codependent, but I cannot ignore my feelings when I get into disagreements that are exact opposite of the optimism that I tend to naturally have.

But how can I tell that I’m not creating this in my own head?


2 thoughts on “Depression runs deep”

    1. Thank you for your comment. It’s really hard as a codependent, or like I claim, a recovering codependent, to not want to fix everything. It’s hard to stay out of that cycle for sure. I understand why someone would end up ending a relationship. A person can only take so much.

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