Been a Long Ride

SETTLING It has been a hectic few weeks in our household. We have been closing on a house, packing, moving and trying to get settled in to the new house.

We are no where near settled in yet, but we are getting there. The garage woodshop in the old house is now in the unfinished basement of the new and starting to take some shape. The new garage feels small and so, we are trying to fit a few tool boxes, some storage cabinetry and lawn equipment in it along with two vehicles. One of the workbenches would not go downstairs, so it’s taking up some space there too.

Money has nearly run out and we’re trying to be creative with how we spend it. We have upcoming expenses that we know will take some priority: AJ spaying next week and while mowing, I noticed we need to work on the turf and drainage issues in the yard. Even though we do have some cash, I’m desperately trying to hang on to some of it to pay off that one loan we wanted to pay off. I’ll focus on that in May to make sure we don’t have any type of emergency. In the meantime, we have had several friends volunteer to help do things around the house and one family even gave us their freezer.

(Sidebar – it’s interesting to see the generosity of acquaintances and the lack of interest from friends that are supposed to be close. I know other friends have observed us in both roles as well, so I’m not complaining. I’m just noting it.)

We have had much support from family that is always there for us. My mom is starting to ask questions what we need and my father-in-law has generously offered to pay for us to go on our annual fishing trip to Florida. I believe I mentioned that about my father-in-law before, but I’m just beside myself with that.

We have a lot of ideas and joint projects to do with this new house and with our furniture. And we/I realized for social media holiday sanity, I want to do the projects on holidays that typically are family holidays celebrated. This is to keep my mind off the “normal” family perceptions. It will be fun to get started with some purpose!!! All of this needs money, so we will have to prioritize it…..

*Painting rooms (living room and master suite first)
*Hang art everywhere!
*Power wash and treat deck and fence
*Yard drainage
*Add glossy coat to bookshelves
*Mount TVs to wall
*Repurpose TV cabinet downstairs
*Reupholster chairs
*Refinish bedroom furniture
*The list will go on and on….

Speaking of house projects, I have been working hard at applying feng shui to the entire house to help center us more. We have the kitchen painted and want to add back-splash when we have some extra money and time for a project. The rest of the house needs painted as well, which will add expenses. I have attempted it with some of the furniture placement as well.

Hopefully the beginning phases will help us feel at home somewhat during the transition. I do believe they will because overall, we feel more at home here than we ever have felt anywhere else. We both are sleeping better and ready to move on into the next relaxed phase of our lives. We just have a few more details to wrap up with old house and hopefully distribute some good karma to a few more people.


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