Bills, Debts and Autodisasters

Ugh. I just got a call and text that I missed my phone bill payment and it’s now “late”. I used to be so together and never missed payments. Over the years, I’ve became less anal, but I’ve also lost some control of my systems. Several blogs ago, I complained about accounts and passwords. Money management is starting to feel the same way. I don’t know what end is up anymore!

This…. This is part of the action we need to take in order to retire early. I mean how can we retire early if we cannot even pay a bill on time? I am trying auto-payments, but I’m skeeered. I am afraid the money won’t be in the account on time because of the way we sometimes spend. Whatever we are doing now, it’s not working. Reduction of debt is only one portion of this…. Reduction of overall accounts is also only one portion of this… Get to work!

Hopefully an upcoming vacation gifted to us will help me get my head on straight and be able to manage this a little better. We usually solve the world’s problems on road trips. Let’s see if we can solve our own money management problems along the way this year.


Thank You Universe, in advance

My friend has me following The Universe and I receive emails every day of the work week to encourage me along. This week, in particular, the Universe proved to me that it is working for me and for us. The email is personalized and I can explain it all day the way it is formatted, but bottom line is that it knew….  because here is yesterday’s email.

Actually, you don’t have to tell me what you want, Jen. I already know.

You don’t even have to tell me why you want it. That you do, is enough.

And please don’t ask how I’m going to do it. There’s always a way.

But I certainly wouldn’t mind the occasional, “Yeeeeee-haaaaaaa, hallelujah, amen brothers and sisters!”You know, kind of a “thank you,” in advance.

Thank you,
The Universe

Little else fires up the old turbines of manifestation like gratitude given in advance, Jen.”

And today I won a gift for Josh in a raffle that I thanked the Universe for after I put the tickets in. The Universe knew that it would give me Josh’s birthday before I even asked for it. Best of all, it helped raise money through a work group to help with the people of Nepal that are struggling with disasters.  And therefore, the Universe knows that it is giving Josh that job he wants because we are already thankful for the opportunity. It knows we are ready for it because we have seen tough times and know how difficult it is to not have a meaningful career that is given to you to meet your heart’s desires. It knows how badly we want it. It knows how hard Josh has worked for it and it knows that everything that Josh has learned along the way in his career and in his personal trials is leading him to this exact point and moment in his life.

So, I will start thanking the Universe in advance for everything that I desire:

  • Being credit card debt free in 2015
  • Our retirement at 50
  • Josh’s new career direction
  • Our good health
  • Our renewed success with Brass Hammer Designs

I just sent it to Josh and will say it here:

We have yet to know what is in store for us, but we are thankful!

Snarky Mother’s Day Love

I was feeling a little snarky today on Facebook where everyone is flooding the internet with the wonderfulness of their moms and unintentionally isolating thousands.  It just seemed appropriate to share here too! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

I love my Mom.

I don’t need to say that here because she doesn’t waste her time on Facebook, but I’m feeling more sentimental on this Hallmark holiday than normal. 

I love that she’s not on here, even though I wish she was a lot.

I love that she’s always busy because it means she’s active and living her life.

I love how she kisses me on the lips when we visit and this just started happening in the past 5 years.

I love that she speaks candidly to me about everything.

I love that she and Josh get along so well and that she harasses me for not taking care of him better.

I love that she was there for me at every swim meet, every tennis match, every choir concert, every big and small event of my life growing up, every bruised knee, every bad decision, every moment I needed her or not.

I love that no matter where we’ve lived, she’s made it to visit us. She has always told me nothing will stop her from finding me.

I love that her humor and goofiness rubbed off on me.

I love that she knits ridiculous things, like a gun koozie for Josh, and embroiders beautiful things and that she quilts now.

I love that she loves me so much to not let my past bad decisions, that sometimes hurt her deeply, get in the way of our relationship, and she has no problem telling me that my Aunt Becky is the reason our relationship exists the way it does today. So I have to say I love my aunt for that.

I love that she taught me independence and courage and adventurism. It’s easy to do a lot of things, especially travel the world with those characteristics.

I love my mom. I don’t need to tell you here because she’s not on any social media. She’s enjoying her life the way we used to before this time suck existed – by living it. And I am going to do the same today in her honor.

And though she’s not on here for me to prove to you how much I love her by tagging her and making sure the world sees it, I still love her.

I still love her, because trees still make a sound when they fall in the woods and you aren’t there to listen.

I Just Don’t Care

I probably will be scrutinized and criticized for this blog, but I don’t care. I am to a point of just not caring about many of the things in the media or the things going on in the news. I don’t know if this is a callus developed from 9/11 or what. It’s just my reality.

The recent riots in Baltimore are tragic, but they are not surprising. Nor were the riots in Missouri very surprising either.  Everyone in social media is shocked by these human behaviors, but take a step back and ask yourself, are you really THAT surprised?

What about devastation happening all over the world? Why do you not care about that? What about the sex slave market that still exists to this day? Or the daily abuse of child labor? Is it because it’s not in your backyard? Riots and inhumanity happen on a daily basis in South American countries and people seem to be fine with that continuing. I guess I just can’t take a stand on this particular incident because there are so many everywhere daily for various reasons.

This is all part of the human condition. It’s not that I don’t really care about these things. I do. I just don’t think it necessary to plaster my devastation to all the social media. I’d rather discuss it while with my friends or family and have deep meaningful conversations instead of pushing my opinions to everyone. I’d rather find solutions to the problems if possible. In reality though, most days, I just want to fulfill my right to the pursuit of happiness. I cannot help everyone. I know this. And I know much of this will not go away. It’s cyclic and history repeats itself. But I can help those I love around me. I know there may be a time I feel strongly about certain things, but right now in my life, I just feel irritated by the “strong stance ” others take on Facebook.  If you hate the situation, do something to make a change! Don’t just tell me that you’re mad. I just do not care.