I Just Don’t Care

I probably will be scrutinized and criticized for this blog, but I don’t care. I am to a point of just not caring about many of the things in the media or the things going on in the news. I don’t know if this is a callus developed from 9/11 or what. It’s just my reality.

The recent riots in Baltimore are tragic, but they are not surprising. Nor were the riots in Missouri very surprising either.  Everyone in social media is shocked by these human behaviors, but take a step back and ask yourself, are you really THAT surprised?

What about devastation happening all over the world? Why do you not care about that? What about the sex slave market that still exists to this day? Or the daily abuse of child labor? Is it because it’s not in your backyard? Riots and inhumanity happen on a daily basis in South American countries and people seem to be fine with that continuing. I guess I just can’t take a stand on this particular incident because there are so many everywhere daily for various reasons.

This is all part of the human condition. It’s not that I don’t really care about these things. I do. I just don’t think it necessary to plaster my devastation to all the social media. I’d rather discuss it while with my friends or family and have deep meaningful conversations instead of pushing my opinions to everyone. I’d rather find solutions to the problems if possible. In reality though, most days, I just want to fulfill my right to the pursuit of happiness. I cannot help everyone. I know this. And I know much of this will not go away. It’s cyclic and history repeats itself. But I can help those I love around me. I know there may be a time I feel strongly about certain things, but right now in my life, I just feel irritated by the “strong stance ” others take on Facebook.  If you hate the situation, do something to make a change! Don’t just tell me that you’re mad. I just do not care.


2 thoughts on “I Just Don’t Care”

  1. YES!!!! I TOTALLY agree with you on this. Why do people plaster it all over their pages and not pay attention to things the news isn’t blasting on about? Katrina victims still displaced (something that you can definitely do something about), very deserving veterans not being given proper care, children being neglected and not growing up in proper homes… I was just discussing this yesterday with some peeps: A friend of mine works at a major college in NY who’s president recently retired. At his retirement send off party, there was a group of students protesting the Baltimore incident. I was like, “Whaaat?!” Why would you protest… a persons death…. 500+ miles from where it happened…. to people who had absolutely no connection to the incident??? That blows my mind. I could see a protest outside of the police office or a city hall or wherever the mayor is put up and only until the issue had been addressed, then there is no reason to protest! This is why I hate the news and the articles people share on my feed… Unless you’re in the mix, keep your finger out of the bowl!

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