Thank You Universe, in advance

My friend has me following The Universe and I receive emails every day of the work week to encourage me along. This week, in particular, the Universe proved to me that it is working for me and for us. The email is personalized and I can explain it all day the way it is formatted, but bottom line is that it knew….  because here is yesterday’s email.

Actually, you don’t have to tell me what you want, Jen. I already know.

You don’t even have to tell me why you want it. That you do, is enough.

And please don’t ask how I’m going to do it. There’s always a way.

But I certainly wouldn’t mind the occasional, “Yeeeeee-haaaaaaa, hallelujah, amen brothers and sisters!”You know, kind of a “thank you,” in advance.

Thank you,
The Universe

Little else fires up the old turbines of manifestation like gratitude given in advance, Jen.”

And today I won a gift for Josh in a raffle that I thanked the Universe for after I put the tickets in. The Universe knew that it would give me Josh’s birthday before I even asked for it. Best of all, it helped raise money through a work group to help with the people of Nepal that are struggling with disasters.  And therefore, the Universe knows that it is giving Josh that job he wants because we are already thankful for the opportunity. It knows we are ready for it because we have seen tough times and know how difficult it is to not have a meaningful career that is given to you to meet your heart’s desires. It knows how badly we want it. It knows how hard Josh has worked for it and it knows that everything that Josh has learned along the way in his career and in his personal trials is leading him to this exact point and moment in his life.

So, I will start thanking the Universe in advance for everything that I desire:

  • Being credit card debt free in 2015
  • Our retirement at 50
  • Josh’s new career direction
  • Our good health
  • Our renewed success with Brass Hammer Designs

I just sent it to Josh and will say it here:

We have yet to know what is in store for us, but we are thankful!


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