Bills, Debts and Autodisasters

Ugh. I just got a call and text that I missed my phone bill payment and it’s now “late”. I used to be so together and never missed payments. Over the years, I’ve became less anal, but I’ve also lost some control of my systems. Several blogs ago, I complained about accounts and passwords. Money management is starting to feel the same way. I don’t know what end is up anymore!

This…. This is part of the action we need to take in order to retire early. I mean how can we retire early if we cannot even pay a bill on time? I am trying auto-payments, but I’m skeeered. I am afraid the money won’t be in the account on time because of the way we sometimes spend. Whatever we are doing now, it’s not working. Reduction of debt is only one portion of this…. Reduction of overall accounts is also only one portion of this… Get to work!

Hopefully an upcoming vacation gifted to us will help me get my head on straight and be able to manage this a little better. We usually solve the world’s problems on road trips. Let’s see if we can solve our own money management problems along the way this year.


6 thoughts on “Bills, Debts and Autodisasters”

  1. Is it possible to set up a separate account for all of your auto payments, and make sure you put enough in it each month to cover everything? (Adding overdraft protection is smart too.) Then make yourself live off what’s left in your other account. A thought…


      1. I should also add that one of us gets paid once every month and the other is every other week. That means setting up bills for specific days of the month isn’t exactly after the days of our paychecks…


  2. All our monthly bills for phone/Internet,… are automated. This way, we never miss a payment. The condition is indeed that there is money on the account. That is why we have an account for monthly regular expenses and this account gets each month the money it needs. Hassle free, worry free
    We deal with bigger yearly bills by putting aside on a separate account each month 1/12th of the amount goes onto the account.


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