Mid life Crisis or Career Change in the Making?

I think I’m having a mid life crisis. I’ve been in an emotional funk for a while. Most of it is because of my job, I believe. But I’m also struggling with wanting peace. I’ve learned where it is for me and I’m longing to get there.

But I’m chained to a job to pay off debts that feel like they are forever away from being paid. Many days I feel we should get rid of it all and move away, but the debts scare me most. Responsibility scares me. Expectations of others scares me too. And health problems scare me. If we sold everything and moved to our island now, what would be the worst that would happen?

But alas, I had an epiphany today (7/10/2015) – maybe this is my ticket to get out of the rat race! But how do I know?! According to the article published on December 15, 2012 on the Huffington Post website, Making Decisions: 5 Signs That You’re Making The Right Choice, I might be on to something!

* I had a gut feeling about it

*I have weighed the possible outcomes – mostly. 🙂

*I can take extreme pride in this decision

*We already know the why is because I want out of the rat race!

*I can sleep – well, I don’t know that yet because the idea came to  me this morning.

Perhaps I need to think about it more, but I am excited about the ideas that I have in my head right now and I will share in time because I think that I am definitely on to something.

Until next time, keep following me here as I continue my journey out of the rat race!


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