Crafty Invitations from the Joneses

I just got an advertising email from evite giving me ideas for a luau party to throw this summer. Wait, am I supposed to be throwing parties?

When we first moved into our house, I had dashing dreams to throw a housewarming party with all of our friends and family. And maybe some of those people would buy us a few new things for our house – things that I need that I haven’t purchased since they were gifted to us at our wedding reception 14 years ago. What a fabulous idea!!! And then realized that I don’t like many people in my life. The people that we do like most likely would not come to a housewarming party because of the distance traveled.

So why throw it? Maybe I just want to make cute invitations to announce our new address to you and invite you over to show off how we have paint smears on the ceiling in the kitchen and patches on the walls in the living room where we haven’t painted yet and nothing matches up stairs.

Screw it! I am not having a party. I wanted one, but that is just not me. I’m not a Jones. I am me. I am not a 50s housewife – I am a career woman that works full time, workouts as often as I can, strives for balance in her life and sanity and potentially an early retirement where I can visit those people that I like the most.

This is me – embracing the glorious mess that I am.


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