Are we Really MEANT to fly?

I have the best thoughts while showering and today was no exception. I used to think that my husband held me back from flying, but that has changed. He grounds me. There’s a difference.

First, let’s discuss the flying part. Are we really meant to fly? Biology and evolution would say no. We have legs to walk on. And we do not have wings. So I would say that we’re not equipped to actually fly.

Oooohhhh, it’s a METAPHOR. Okay then. My bad.

I get it. I do. But I have become a firm believer that everything is connected for a reason. I met my husband in 1995 for a reason. While I take flight in my career, he’s keeping me grounded. I do not need to be up in the sky with my thoughts. I need to still be grounded and he helps me be smarter, wiser, and humble and understanding of people that struggle with their jobs and life satisfaction overall. Without him, I may be an ass. I already know without him, I would probably be entrapped in a spiritual warfare and a codependent situation with my family that probably would still be going on. I would not be open to therapy like I am and be willing to share it openly with people like I do. There’s a lot about me that would be different without him. So does he hold me back because he’s not as successful as me? No way, Jose! He’s helping build the mountain under my feet! There’s a reason for everything.

So, the next time you hear or say the phrase that someone is holding you back, think about why they might be. It could be for a reason – maybe you’re growing; maybe you are learning a lesson about relationships; maybe you need to learn a lesson how to move on from people that do hold you back, or maybe you need to remain humble and they are there to remind you of that daily. There are so many reasons that could exist. It may have nothing to do with your lessons either.


Life is one big lesson.



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