Asking for Help….

Where do I begin? I need to set some goals and this is just as good a place as any… Tomorrow, I am meeting with a friend who studied Industrial Organization as a major and has worked for Procter & Gamble the past couple of years via Coop and as a consultant. I’m excited to meet with her to learn some techniques to be more balanced and feel less guilt overall about my busyness.

What led to this? My therapist gave me goals to help me calm my mind and take less on. Some days it works and other days it does not. My job is making it worse and I cannot tell if I am overwhelmed by the job responsibilities or if I am actually operating at a higher level. My friend says I’m at a higher level and that it sets me apart with what my basic needs are. When I try to tell my husband that and get excited about potential conveniences, he challenges me on it. So I’m chronically confused. Do I slow down and quit all the things that I am involved in? Or do I instead work on taking advantage of convenient lifestyle items that make sense? Hopefully I will know more tomorrow.


So here’s to actually asking for help and listening. I will keep you posted.

Until then, please enjoy my journey out of the rat race.


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