Imploding Passion

I’m in a cyclic pattern of taking on too much, being passionate about several things and then, as the mister says, imploding on myself.

I am currently in the phase of taking on too much and I’m not sure how to stop. I recognize it happening and I’m fearful of the implosion. That’s half the battle, right? I think this shall be the topic of discussion tomorrow with my therapist.

To catch you up to speed, I have so many options with work in a good way. I am thought of very highly and it appears that I’ll have a fork in the road soon. I’m starting the curve now and I’m not sure yet where it will head. I’m cultivating both directions to see which will have the most opportunity for us.

Then outside of work, I’m helping with my gym, I’m helping a co-worker through a tough time, helping a friend through a tough time as well and I’m contemplating starting a small makeup business. Can I add anymore on?

I mentioned in my last blog that I had Lasik last Friday and was forced to relax and give it all a rest. Even going into the procedure, I had the lowest blood pressure I’ve had in a year. I’m sure some of that was lack of coffee, but the rest, quite possibly, was not focusing on anything except myself and my husband. I guess I still need to find the internal balance that I’m always seeking. This is the feeling I crave when I seek to retire early.

Until I figure it all out, feel free to keep commenting. I really appreciate learning from you all.


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