A Commuter’s Random Thoughts

Lately, while driving, I notice that I have meditative random thoughts. A couple times, I scribed them to a memo pad app on my phone (via my mic). Today was one of those days and I thought I would share my yogi thoughts….

So, today, for some reason, I thought about why my husband and I like movies like “The Revenant,” “Cast Away” and “In the Heart of the Sea.” Some of my friends find those movies boring and uninteresting. We are on the edges of our seats watching them. Why?

So, that led me down a path of thinking that through. We love to watch personal strife. I started wondering if this is because we both have created a lot of personal strife within our own lives and are learning how to manage it each and every day. We are on a path of achieving higher consciousness. I’m not saying we are in a better place than some of our friends; maybe our friends have already achieved this consciousness and are not as interested in people overcoming it anymore or maybe they are not at that stage in their development.

So, then as I continued on my mindless commute behind school busses and garbage trucks, I had the thought that perhaps my husband and I are reincarnated over and over again to find each other and go through these journeys together. And each of us helps the other get there a little faster. (Someone should write a book about this! Ha!). During this lifetime, our main objective has become to find solace and get away from unhealthy relationships and unhealthy patterns. We’re mind and body focused and search for ways to retreat out of it. I mentioned the movies above, but I also see how we relate to people like Eustace Conway, who Elizabeth Gilbert wrote a biography about called: The Last American Man. What a fabulous book about a man’s personal strife constantly being torn with the urge to teach people how to get out of society’s mold but had to live within society’s mold in order to get the word out. Boy, I can relate! I want to flee every time someone rubs me the wrong way because I don’t like the community and/our culture that person lives in, but I know when we move to our island, we’ll face similar problems because of the type of town it is. It’s a small town and a is similar to stepping back in time. There are things that are relaxing and simpler when you think of stepping back into the 1950’s, but there are also some very negative things that we have moved past in today’s society. So, will it really be paradise?

After this path of thought, I realized nothing matters. I’ve said it here before, but some days I believe we are just a bunch of ants working towards a goal of someone else. Even though our input matters at the  time we give it, in the large scheme of things, if someone came and stepped on one of us, the rest of the ants would keep going along with their goals and find a way around it.

So why can’t we step out of society’s version of ants and find our own queen and our own path? 

Or maybe it is just our ground chakra is out of alignment.

Until next time, I’ll keep thinking of ways out of the rat race. 🙂 You’ll find me here! Good day folks!


10 Random Thoughts

  1. When you feel lost, you look for direction.
  2. When you can’t find direction, you feel lost.
  3. Goals are nebulous.
  4. We’re all ants working towards a common goal out of our control.
  5. Universes are complex.
  6. Business Analyst Data architects might be geniuses.
  7. Buddhism appears to be peaceful and balanced. I want peace and balance.
  8. I’m torn between my definition of freedom and freedom to do what I want as a citizen.
  9. Learning things you don’t have interest in, but might find useful, is hard. Especially when you know that it might be useful….
  10. None of this matters. 🙂

What Really Matters?

It is the weekend after New Year’s. It’s when a lot of people cross over to the new year and reflect on what they are going to change for the next year and might even boldly start taking action. I have, in likewise fashion, started my list of “goals” instead of “resolutions.” I like to set goals instead of resolutions because I am more likely to accomplish some or all of them that way.

Each year, I define categories or areas to focus on for the year. My goals usually include career, health, spiritual and relationships. This year, I decided instead that I will define my WANTS for the year instead of goals or resolutions to try to increase the chances of me accomplishing them.

A few weeks ago, I blogged about Goals & Expectations 2016. Somehow I ventured down the path of defining an overall theme of “control what you can control”. But, the Universe has guided me more towards “take what you want because it is already yours.” So, that’s where my theme of the year is coming from instead.

Just because you can have it all, Jen, doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with you until you do.

To the contrary, it means you’re smoking on fire, destined for greatness, exactly where you should be, with thoughts that become things, in a dream of your own creation, about to blast off as you become who you are meant to be.

Don’t you see, Jen, you couldn’t get it if you already had it. And it’s the “getting of it” that you really want, in an adventure that can only begin with wanting what you do not yet have.

Tally Ho,
The Universe

Without further ado, here are my goals for 2016 – my defined wants to take because I already have them:

  • Have Fun & Make Lots of Memories
  • To feel in control of my own path
  • To help others and make a difference
  • To feel in balance with schedule and relationships
  • To support Josh with fun, encouragement and consistency
  • Minimal debt (mortgage & student loan only and eventually no student loan)
  • To steal a quote from my yogi friend, Katy, “Be Happy, Be Healthy, Be Loved”

Now, there are a ton more details that I have listed in all of the corresponding categories, but all of them are themed to meet these 7 main wants in my life.

So, I encourage you, if you have not already, think about what changes you want in your life and do not just make a resolution this year to break by February. Think about what you can do that will actually make a difference in your daily life and help get you to the life you want to live faster.

Until next time, I’ll be over here figuring out my way out of this rat race.