Commuter Rants V. 2

I guess this is becoming a thing since I am doing it twice. Last week, I had more random thoughts while driving. Mostly related to religion and spirituality. This will probably touch a nerve with a few, but I don’t care.

If anyone has read Lee Strobel’s The Case for Christ, you will learn that the Gospel of John was written approximately 45 years after Christ had been crucified. Lee goes on to describe that this is proof that the gospels are accurate because the only book that is described as historically accurate was written hundreds of years later and that was The Iliad and Odyssey. At the time I read this, I believed it. But as I mature, this makes me think that there is no way it is accurate or anywhere near God-breathed as Christians like to say. I mean seriously. I can’t remember yesterday and phrases I said. So unless John and any other authors of the scriptures had perfect recall, there is no way it is accurate. It’s illogical to think so.

So, this leads me to where I have made it on my journey. I have realized that we are just an evolutionary process. The only trait that separates us from other mammals is a conscience and compassion. Is that really true? You see different species being compassionate with each other, especially when there are young involved. And it happens in nature often, not just when humans intercede. Which means, we are mammals too – mammals that have evolved to a level that we can do a little more than other animals. We are so arrogant to think that we are anything else. Where’s my faith? It’s in evolution, in nature, and in the people that are in my circle. I do not need to trust the words of a stranger or in entities that tell me what to think. I need to assess it on my own.

This evening, I found out that my husband’s half-brother is trying to force religion on him. He is now texting him verses to convince him that his ways are wrong and that he needs to offer forgiveness to them for lying all these years and be more like Jesus. I wonder how people believe this is the way to convince people to come to Jesus and be a part of the community they want you to be in. His family assumes he hasn’t forgiven them and that he doesn’t have a spiritual grounding. Forgiving someone does not mean that you have to continue having the relationship with them. Forgiving is allowing your mind to let it go. It’s not a religious obligation to be friends again.

Why do we let society and people influence the way we live our lives so much? It’s ridiculous that we give so much power to someone and it is ridiculous that people believe that they have the only way to enjoy life. I’ll quote one of my good friends – STAY IN YO LANE!

End Rant: I’m so thankful my husband and I are on this journey together and we can support each other with crazy families.


Until next time, we will continue our journey out of the rat race.




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