My Why

Many of you are well aware of my WHY because I talk about it all the time in this blog. But I needed to get it in written form to share with others.

I have joined a  Network Marketing company. I never saw myself doing this and always thought of the opportunity often as a scam. But this time was different for me. I LOVE the product. So, here I am, selling Younique. I’m excited about it and hopeful that I can build what I am calling my Fempire. My husband was skeptical at first as well, but he’s seen me funding my makeup purchases and several other pampering purchases with the money I’m earning. I have so much to learn, but I now see the full potential of this.

The reason I feel it is important to write it down is because I need team members. I need people to understand WHY I am doing what I am doing and that even though their WHY might be different, this company could be their answer.

So without further delay, this is WHY am I doing this!

  1. Ultimately, I want to retire early (within 5-10 years) to a little fishing town named Cedar Key in Florida. It’s a quaint little town and my husband is a fisherman at heart and an artist by nature. It’s a perfect cove for us to live in.
  2. I’m tired of Corporate America (hence, the name of this blog). I’m tired of running this rat race and always have the same goals and nothing change. The title might change, I might get a slightly larger compensation, and I might get some recognition. But it’s a battle every day to get that and it’s tiring. It’s tiring to run on the same treadmill day in and day out and get no where. Even on the days I am making a difference, it still feels pointless.
  3. I want to smell the roses. I want to wake up at my leisure without an alarm clock; I want to listen to the birds sing in the morning while sipping my coffee and enjoy the morning sun bake on my skin. I want to stay snuggled with my dog in the morning and enjoy casual conversation with my husband. I want to slow life down, so that I am present.
  4. I don’t want to retire, then die. Seriously. So many people that we know are at retirement age now and officially leave their jobs just in time to get cancer or have a heart attack. I want to enjoy the life that has been given to me before it is taken away from me.
  5. I want to travel whenever I want without worrying about taking time off from my job. (Obviously with network marketing, I can do that anywhere). I want to visit family when I want. I want to go to other countries or other states even without thinking twice. I don’t want to fight all year for 2-3 weeks of vacation at my favorite destination. I want to be on vacation every day.

The 5th anniversary of my trip to South Korea to visit friends was just a few weeks ago. I love reminiscing that trip because it was amazing. But the other reason that I love remembering it was because I saw a life that I wanted. Expats have it figured out (well, many do). They live a full life and enjoy every minute. Once I tasted it, I wanted it!

And that, my friends is my WHY.

And it WILL BE the way that I get out of the rat race faster.

Keep following me – I’m figuring out this journey and will share along the way. Feel free to check out my website and if you have any type of love for makeup – JOIN me! I would LOVE to have you on my team, especially if we’re heading for the same goals!

I’m getting off this hamster wheel soon! I can feel it!

❤ Jen