Bundle of Nervous Energy 

Today is our debut to the vendor event world! Youniquely You with Jen and Brass Hammer Designs by Josh will both have tables at Yolos Pizza and Frozen Yogurt today between 3 and 7pm.
So a quick note to remind us all how nerve racking direct sales and selling personal artwork can be.
I’m anticipating all the conversations we’re going to have today with our customers and how to convince them that my product is better than the alternatives or that Josh’s art is worth the cost.
Needless to say,  we’re nervous.  We’re afraid that what we are offering isn’t going to meet the costumer’s expectations.  Hopefully we will!!!
We have no idea what to expect on sales and if people are even interested in our products.  If we make our money back, then it’ll be a blessing. If we make a profit, life will be even better!

Wish us luck on this adventure as it unfolds.  It’s all part of our journey out of the Rat Race! And you know our ultimate goal is to be on our island.



Nothing is Wrong,  Thank Goodness

I’ve had an interesting few days. On Thursday, June 29th, I felt tightness in my chest and tingling down my left arm while I was driving to work.  I was scared enough to detour to the ER and let the tests began.

Let me step back by saying that I’m a fit 39 year old woman with a history of hypothyroidism.  I am overweight according to BMI charts, but my actual body fat is still at a healthy range. The extra weight is mostly my muscular composition along with the thyroid disorder not letting me lose that last 15 lbs. I know that sounds like an excuse, but I work out like I’m 15 years younger than I actually am. People look at me as a very healthy person. I’m more aware and more holistic to my health than most of my friends and family. Now back to my story….

Thursday in the ER, I was ordered an ekg, blood tests,  and a chest xray. So far everything looks normal.  My first 2 tryponin levels were normal. (Tryponin is the enzyme released in your blood after a heart attack.)  They decided to admit me though because I still had chest pain on my left side.  I was given nitroglycerin to dilate my arteries and aspirin to thin the blood.

And there I sat in my hospital room for 2 days.  I had a stress test,  an ultrasound of my heart and all the blood tests you can imagine.  Everything came back normal except my stress test, which had an ischemia in the lower part of my heart.  And then we wait….
Now if you’ve ever stayed in the hospital,  you know nothing is hurried.  I literally had 4 meals while there. I lost 4 lbs. The only thing they are very consistent in is bothering you every 2 hours to take your vitals, especially at night while you’re trying to “rest”.  The doctors make their rounds either super late at night or early in the morning.
By the second day, I felt like I was getting stiff and couldn’t move.  I was confined to my room mostly and my bed. I was dying from lack of movement.  My husband brought my yoga mat,  so I stretched.  The nurses were impressed.  I was on the cardiac floor where most people were at least 20 years older than me and laid up. So the nurses loved me. But I was bored out of my mind and wanting to run the halls.
I ended the stay with a visit yesteday (7/2) from the cardiologist.  He felt the ischemia and my atypical symptoms were too much to ignore and ordered a heart catheter/angiogram. It was even more reason to go in when he understood my family history including my mom and brother on cholesterol lowering meds and all of my grandfather’s siblings and himself had heart attacks.  So he did the invasive test to be sure.

I was scared at that point.  I was scared of him finding something or nothing. Am I even serious enough of a case to do such a serious test? And if he found nothing,  what is it?  I had no idea what to expect. After entertaining everyone in my path, I was relieved to find out everything looks good. Thankfully, my heart is healthy! So I am happy to know that.

Obviously, I have research to do now because I need to know what caused the pain.  Is it my thyroid? Is it a lung issue? Maybe it’s just a rib out of alignment (wouldn’t be the first time). Or since I am a lifter,  maybe it’s just muscles pinching nerves.  Obviously,  I’m starting down the path to figure that all out.

But nothing is wrong with my heart, thank goodness! Oh did I mention, how amazing my husband was and that I worked in the hospital? I went Live in my Facebook group,  made a sale, and reached out to several customers to see if they’d be interested in parties. And my husband was such a sweetheart through it all. Next week,  we’ll have our first vendor event for Brass Hammer Designs and my Youniquely You with Jen business. We’re  going to kill it! Can’t wait! Nothing is going to keep us down on this!  It’s OUR Journey out of the Rat Race!