Bundle of Nervous Energy 

Today is our debut to the vendor event world! Youniquely You with Jen and Brass Hammer Designs by Josh will both have tables at Yolos Pizza and Frozen Yogurt today between 3 and 7pm.
So a quick note to remind us all how nerve racking direct sales and selling personal artwork can be.
I’m anticipating all the conversations we’re going to have today with our customers and how to convince them that my product is better than the alternatives or that Josh’s art is worth the cost.
Needless to say,  we’re nervous.  We’re afraid that what we are offering isn’t going to meet the costumer’s expectations.  Hopefully we will!!!
We have no idea what to expect on sales and if people are even interested in our products.  If we make our money back, then it’ll be a blessing. If we make a profit, life will be even better!

Wish us luck on this adventure as it unfolds.  It’s all part of our journey out of the Rat Race! And you know our ultimate goal is to be on our island.



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