Is loneliness a choice?

Are we all alone in this life by choice or by design?

Recently, we had a health ordeal in our couplehood that made me feel we were truly alone. There were occasional people checking in on us, but no one was physically here. And I needed them. I asked for them. And when they said they were available, they backed out when I needed them. Why would they say they were available to help, but not when specifically needed?  That’s not helpful. But then some people asked what I need and I can’t tell them what I need. All polite lies anyway and those aren’t helpful either. 

I’m sure many people have felt this way and dealt with feelings of disappointment, frustration, and even guilt because they feel ungrateful. That’s what I’ve been feeling all day. And I wonder if that is human nature or if we self inflict these feelings on ourselves. We choose so much of our current state of mind and life, I have to believe we choose loneliness as well. 

All of these things make me want to run away to our island. If we can’t find comfort with loved ones, then I just want the two of us to run off into the horizon over our slice of heaven. That’s the only place we find peace. 


Healing Mind, Body, Soul

It has been a whirlwind of a weekend for me. I spent it at the Younique Convention. To say that my mind was blown away is an understatement. This up and coming direct sales company is making a HUGE difference in this world. And all the training that I attended helped me see a few things more clearly.

Take time to heal your mind. Our mental health is so beat down in this society. Women, especially, fight severe self-esteem issues because of the way this world has divided the gender gap. This conference helped me understand how important it is to be uplifted, empowered, and validated. This doesn’t need to happen to us by others. We need our minds to say this inside our heads. And that takes time, patience and often  times, therapy. I have been in and out of therapy and love how it helps me. If you’ve never gone, I highly encourage you to do so.

Take the time to heal your bodies. People, I’m not talking just about losing weight. We need to “Get in Shape.” That phrase means so many different things to different people, so let me tell you what I mean. I mean holistically healing your body from top to bottom, side to side, every nook and cranny of aches, pains, internal and external. Break your habits that are causing damage. Watch for repetitive actions that might be causing more damage (i.e. neck pain caused by looking down at your phone.) Practice self-awareness. Also, stop letting money be the reason you choose not to heal yourself. I’m not perfect and I have not broken all habits, but I do focus most days on trying to overcome the things that are aging me. The biggest reason for this is physical ailments become an obsessive focus and you do not need that distraction from your purpose.

Take time to heal your soul. Our souls are an entity within us that yearns to show us what life is really meant to be like. The physical and mental ailments we carry hide our true person from us. It’s screaming to be let out. Our purpose in life is to let that soul free. That means something different for everyone, so I’m not going to try to explain to you how to do that. For me, I think I’m getting closer to recognizing what I need to do to free her. This conference gave me time to think about what I truly want in life. I strive constantly for validation. And even though I know I don’t need others to validate me, deep down, I know I do need to hear it because my mind and body lie to me all the time.  I validated my purpose this weekend again and it fueled my fire even more!

The entire reason I want out of the rat race so bad is because I recognize it keeps me from focusing on my mind and body, so my soul is no longer in chains. And even though I said before to not let money be the reason to not be healthy, the reality is that money is the sole reason I cannot free myself. I often feel like a worker ant struggling to find meaning in life and wondering if there is more besides the queen collecting all the benefits of my hard work. Well I know there is, but the almighty, worshipped dollar has power over me and our entire world. And that’s a tough thing to overcome. So I must heal my own soul a different way while I prepare my final approach to the finish line.

This is all part of the plan. Without the lessons we’ve learned in life, we could not appropriately enjoy the final destination. Therefore, I’ll keep plummeting down the road on my journey out of the rat race.

I pray you find a way to heal your mind and body enough to see clearly where your soul wants to go. Your body and brain are just vessels for it to get there. And the Universe reminds me all the time that I chose this. And so did you.