My Need for an Outsourced Life

My world is changing, I believe. Actually I know it is and I see more and more the reason to outsource things in my life. 

Recently my husband had back fusion. Because of that, he is on medications that have side effects. There have been complexities that I don’t find fit to mention here, but I feel I’m at a crossroads with a few things. As I get more and more busy with my career and building momentum in my side hustle, there are many things that are going to suffer at home. 

I need to sort out some of these things because the last thing I want to do is not be there for my husband.  I’ve been contemplating the need for outsourcing parts of my life to eliminate stress and help me maximize my time with Josh. But I’m torn because that can cause expense. Kelsey Humphreys mentioned though that highly successful people recognized the need for outsourcing early on, so they can focus on what matters. And that is why I’m at a crossroads. I can either continue to limp along and stress about things like missing bills, not having any clothes, eating unhealthy, and much more, or I can admit it’s time to outsource one or two things. The question is what to outsource…… 


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