Eggshells for Dinner

Relationships are one of life’s most interesting things.

My husband and I have been on an interesting journey to honesty the last 21 years. It’s not been easy, and currently, it’s not comfortable at all. If you read There’s a Tear in My Highlight Reel, then you know that we’re in a tough spot right now. My husband is hurting so badly because of me. I always wanted him to feel the way I did after he cheated on me, but I never thought it would be because of me. It hurts me knowing that. 

So we’re walking a bit on eggshells, but we’re talking more honestly than I think we ever have.

Then, yesterday, I had the best conversation with my best friend. She and I shared honest concerns and frustrations with our lives, our husbands, her kid, our health, our careers and pretty much everything else. 

And all the sudden, I no longer felt alone. 


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