More Self Studies on Fear

So, this fear issue goes very deep. Today, my husband and I were at a gun shop. I realized as we were looking around how important it was to me to feel like I knew what I was doing. 

Then I looked into my husband’s eyes as he was talking to me about revolvers and could see the love in them. I wondered to myself, “Do I even like guns? So I enjoy this hobby or do I enjoy it because he enjoys it?” I haven’t fully thought through those answers, but I’m stunned at the thought….. 

Is this my midlife crisis? 

I seriously might need therapy. Lol. I au least need lunch with a friend I can be fully, 100% not held back, honest with…. 

I’m working on that date now, so until then, I’ll continue to welcome your feedback. 

And I’ll continue my journey out of the rat race. 


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