The Game of Time

Time passes in a blink of an eye. And each blink feels like I’ve missed something. 

1 day

24 hours

1440 minutes

86400 seconds

No matter how you calculate it, there is always the same amount of time in one day. How is it, then, that time feels like it’s moving faster? 

I was comparing notes with a friend the other day and she agreed, more time passes with each day. Life continues to happen, then I realize that it’s been 5 years since I’ve seen a friend, months since I’ve had lunch with another, a year since I’ve seen my brother!!!! How does this happen?! 

Then when I think of trying to remedy this situation, I get overwhelmed by a busy social schedule. Really! I want and don’t want to see my friends and family more. đŸ˜‚

I’m constantly striving to move forward and the best two kinds of friends are the ones that pick back up like no time has passed and the ones that are striving for similar goals. Those two groups are the most understanding to a busy life. And they understand the level of exhaustion I have anymore. 

I tell myself I like what I’m doing, but I wonder what it would look like if it were different. Will it matter? I find a lot of pride in what I’m doing, but it’s a bit exhausting. I keep going back to the phrase that I learned to ask myself from Kelsey Humphreys, “What would this look like if it were easy?”

The answer is that I’d have the money to be able to do what I want without having a time restraint. I’d live a life that is relaxed and be able to travel, to live in our future home and enjoy food and drink without feeling strained by the choice to enjoy it from other people. I’d spend a few hours a day on knowledge and implementation of that knowledge.  And I’d be able to stretch a week out to 2…. 

Can I bend the limitations of time? 


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