The Wife of a Nightshifter

Peaceful morning time.
The wife of a nightshifter.
Time passes slowly.

Ignore the clutter.
The wife of a nightshifter.
Quiet by fireside.

Routine, the enemy.
The wife of a nightshifter.
Routine is the friend.

Weekends are one way.
The wife of a nightshifter.
Weekdays, another.

When are you working?
The wife of a nightshifter.
What days are you off?

Need a housekeeper.
The wife of a nightshifter.
Busy dayshifter.

Who cares about clutter?
The wife of a nightshifter.
No one comes over.

Who cares about doghair?
The wife of a nightshifter.
No visitors come.

Five PM wakeup.
The wife of a nightshifter.
My day is ending.

Somehow it works.
The wife of a nightshifter.
Someday it won’t.

Dinner for breakfast.
The wife of a nightshifter.
Breakfast for dinner.


Growth: Where Relationships Go to Die

The last couple of weeks have been very enlightening for me. Mostly it was about friendships and accepting when they are entering a winter-like season.

Recently, my career has brought me to one of the most growing phases in my leadership style I have ever been in. I am moving faster than I’ve ever moved before and more strategically as well. I am feeling very successful and proud of where I am right now. But there has been a price and it was unexpected to me. Some of my biggest cheerleaders have quit cheering for me and I don’t know exactly why. My suspicion is that they have hit a spot in their life where they’re not progressing. In other words, they’re not growing.

So recognizing that lack of growth, I have been trying to encourage them and support them through their tough times. But they’ve pushed me away. Now mind you, this current friendship I am discussing has always been strained and that person tends to be a bit exhausting as a friend. Meaning, they have unrealistic expectations of people who are in relationships with them in general. And knowing that, I still try to remain a cheerleader to them and an encourager. But this week I hit my limit and decided that I no longer wanted to compete with those unrealistic expectations they had on me. 

So I purposely allowed the distance to happen and I have found peace. 

What a profound discovery!

So my conclusion and life lesson is that you may come to a time in your life that you need to back away from those that have negative impact on you and invest in those that want to see you grow. It is okay. 

Not Everyone likes me and I do not have to continue to please people who are not aligned with my life goals. The only person that matters with that is my husband.
Realizing all of this has taught me a valuable lesson. There are a lot of cliches and various sources of inspiration all over social media and on the internet; there is A LOT OF TRUTH in all of them. Seek and you will find your answers.

Until the next time, I am recognizing all of the different elements of growth on my journey out of the rat race. Enjoy your weekend…..