Haiku Journal: Day 15

Too early for words
Quiet reflections right now
It’s okay to feel

Feeling exhausted
Dreary weather allergies
So very tired now

His dad is in pain
Worrying, stuck inside head
My best friend hurting

What do I fear most?
My whole life mountain mole hills
Fear I’m not perfect.

Root? Desire for love?
Am I a perfectionist?
I think I might be.

Yikes, some profound words.
Good God, someone stop and help.
This far, I never knew.


My Journey Out of the Rat Race Spiritually

There’s so much more to my early retirement goals than just leaving the work force. I’m on a journey to learn about myself and grow spiritually as well as emotionally.

If you have read my background, you’ll know that I’ve left the Methodist church and over time, I’ve mentally gone towards Eastern religions. I’ve studied minimally to open my mind, and I’m drawn to thinking that is not bound by tradition.

Lately with all the things happening in my marriage, I started recognizing that my solar chakra is always blocked. I’m learning to unblock it. I took a quiz today to help me determine if it was out of alignment and as suspected, it is. So then I took the quiz as if I were my husband. That’s when I realized his root, sacral, solar and crown chakras appear out of alignment. Poor guy is a mess.

As I continue down these paths, I am eager to learn the lessons life has for me, so we can go to our peaceful retirement as fast as possible. But all of these lessons are part of the journey, right? So stay tuned here as I learn on my journey out of the rat race.



Haiku Journal: Day 14

Quiet journaling
Healthy balance, Trust, Release
Questions were given

Healthy balance first
Selfcare, Friends with and without
Care for self, hobbies

Trust, sacrifices known
Mean what said, nothing hidden
Release old cross-stitch

Emotions are toughest
Shame? Embarrassed? Entitled?

Root cause difficult
Parental divorce pivot
Lost Dad to Stepmom

Is this need of love?
Is it a moving Target?
Is that emotion?

Haiku Journal: Day 12

So much change around
Completely distracting week
Balancing 2 jobs

Changing, my heart aches
Fellow colleagues retiring
Some already gone

How do I keep on?
Like you didn’t work here with me?
I will miss you so.

Lots of influx here
Is it time to stay or go?
When is Cedar Key?

Haiku Journal: Day 11

Crazy dreams, alarm
Morning routine changed, get up
So tired, Monday morn

Ten thousand hours spent
Practicing as elitist
Love, my religion

I miss being home
Longing for your company
Music touches soul

Why do you dream mean?
What continues to hurt you?
Please let it go soon.

Haiku Journal: Day 10

Start the day slower
Ease into morning, coffee
Pups, husband, glowing

Clean and chores weekend
In and out, dog walking too
My heart is so full

If it only were
Time for retirement now
I am ready more

Busy body now
Monday coming super fast
Great Sunday with him

Ended satisfied
Bones and muscles singing songs
Worked hard, played hard too