Haiku Journal Day 45

We live life complex
Creating problems to solve
And for what? Boredom?

Disciplined? Habit?
Overcoming negative
Need more assistance

A few notes from my spiritual studies this morning:

When people stop being cruel to themselves internally, then they will stop being cruel to other things. – Sadhguru

When you are in a pleasant state of existence, you do pleasant things. When you are in an unpleasant state, you do unpleasant things. Our ultimate goal is to become a joyful being. – Sadhguru teachings

The universe is Sift.
Sensations, Images, feelings, thoughts
There is only consciousness.
It is all human construct.
– Deepak Chopra teachings


Haiku Journal Day 43

Distracted, lacking
Motivation lowering
Dazed and confused

Tree for the forest
Am I the tree or forest
Can you hear me now?

Absence be well known
Presence is not important
Can you feel me now?

Always some red tape
Always resistance to change
Rat race sufferings

Haiku Journal Day 41

See, don’t just look there
Listen, don’t just hear the words
Feel, don’t just touch it

Taste, don’t just consume
Smell, don’t just inhale it all
Sensory aware

I saw the lanterns
I heard the pup snores and frogs
I felt the sprinkler

I heard his deep voice
I felt the burn of brandy
I laughed at his burp