Haiku Journal Day 38

Feed my anxious soul
Studious morning, mindful
Clarity is power

Better to give more
Than to receive anything
Turn things into gold

Better self esteem
Laugh a little more tonight
Stop being serious

Know desired outcome
Intelligent self interest
Take massive action

Yoga means union
I am not immortal still
This is a brief life

Sadhguru’s 10 Rules for Success (Courteousy of Evan Carmichael Believe YouTube Channel)
1. Enhance your perception and intelligence
2. Take charge of your life
3. Be conscious of your mortality
4. Take holiday from your seriousness
5. Produce nice movies (Fear means you’re making horror movies in your mind)
6. Identify yourself with nothing (The moment you identify yourself with something, your intellect will do anything to protect that)
7. Fix yourself
8. Pay attention to yourself – be peaceful first
9. Do not set incentives for being sick
10. Have a sense of humor


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