Haiku Journal Day 103 – Great days

Almost forgotten
The life lived every day
The plan in effect


Haiku Journal Day 102 – Forget about it….

Nothing but laughter
Tickled through caesar salad
Snorting and giggles

Graced by eight foot nurse
Time spent at Seahorse, Snake Keys
Dead Man and North Key

The boats weren’t that bad
Just chillaxing at sunset
Is it time for bed?

Haiku Journal Day 99 – Ready to Roll

Know where we’re driving
Headed to inspiration
Peaceful sunrises

Thirteen hours to go
That’s nothing, time to start new
Can we have both ways?

Haiku Journal Day 98 – Friendship 

Good friends, trustworthy
Puppy dog life, comforting
Firefly, sleepy time

Fine lines don’t mettle
Friends don’t let friends be stupid
Good days a coming