Individual Crusade Battles

A colleague of mine that I respected very much recently quit her very good corporate job to spend more time with her family. She had no plan of what is next, but wanted to enjoy the important years with her son. When she told me that she was quitting, she told me she recently read the book, The Escape Manifesto. I couldn’t wait to listen to the audible version, but I had a lot of books ahead of it. I quickly put it on my audible wishlist. …. and this takes my journey out of the rat race to a new level.

If you’ve been reading this blog the past couple of months, you might not realize that it’s not normally full of haikus. I’ve been on a quest of personal growth for quite some time and journaling in haikus came about after listening to Essentialism and trying to condense my thoughts better. It was also around the time of my review at work which mentioned that I tend to say too much to make a point.

Since this is a journey, I am open to all kinds of different aspects of growth because, basically, why not? It can’t hurt, right? So my retirement blog continues to evolve and display my journey, growth and learnings through this process of getting to retirement within the next 10 years.

And I just realized….. this isn’t my journey. It’s our journey….. you just witnessed a learning moment. And on that, I’ll continue another night.

Until next time, I’ll keep on with my, our, journey out of the rat race.  


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