About Me

Oh you’re done talking….. Is it my turn to introduce myself?

I’m 40 old and a wife to my husband of nearly 16 years and his lover of nearly 22 years. We’ve known each other half our lives and it freaks us out nearly daily.


We’ve gone through a lot between now and then, too much to share all at once in the About section. But I promise to continue sharing insight as we go on how we manage to stay together and the reality of how hard that actually is.


I’m a food scientist that recently took a short detour in my career and went into global sourcing, so I could see the world more and expand my knowledge about the world and in business. I haven’t been many places, but I went to Spain, Italy, China and Vietnam for work and before all that, I visited a friend in South Korea and it changed my life.

Here are pictures from a couple of those trips:
Lake Como, Italy


Olive groves as far as the eye can see in Seville, Spain area.


And these are two of my favorite pics from my South Korea trip – the first is a bunch of waygukens (foreigners) at The Lantern Festival. The second is my friend Ang who I visited and spent 11 days with enjoying the entire country together.

I am not 100% comfortable admitting that I’m probably a Buddhist now since I grew up Christian and constantly feel the need to explain and defend all of my decisions, like my tattoos….
It makes me say this to myself nearly daily.

It took us about 18 years together to grow up, so we never really settled down and had children. We currently have three dogs: Buster, Annie Jr. and Mama (Annie Sr).

What else do you want to know? I’m trying to live my life day-to-day and figure out how to retire to our favorite place on earth early, hence the name of my blog,

My Journey Out Of The Rat Race.



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