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Haiku Journal Day 212 – Thyroid Tired

Oh, fog in my head
I wish you would lift from me
My lids are like weights



Let’s talk boundaries for a minute. I have some friends that will absorb your problems and my problems, combine them and try to repair them and carry our burdens in their prayers and through their day to day lives.

At first, it appears like they are sweet and kind; eventually they lose control of their personal boundaries and begin to resent those they are “helping.”

My question is if this is foreign to anyone else? I watch and can’t figure out why the helpers don’t see they are depleting themselves to the point they are taken for granted and advantage of by the people they intend to help. I observe and realize that I can’t do that because I cherish self-preservation.

So where’s the line? My friends over-extend and I see it all unfold. But where is the line for the rest of?