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Haiku Journal Day 136 – I see you, Hawk

Am I really ready?
In younger days, soaring burnt
No shields from the sun

I feel you watching
Telling me to prepare soon
I see the writing

Haiku Journal Day 108 – Drowning in Corporate Hamster Wheel

Frozen in my fear
Anxiety about work
Could I really leave?

Why do I stay there?
What holds me positioned here?
Corporate rat race….

I feel trapped in me
Escape manifestation
Plan is in motion

Patience is virtue
It’s hard to wait on changes
Where is contentment?

Haiku Journal Day 105 – Can I just stay?

I don’t wanna leave
Plan in motion, find patience 
But this is my home

I crave simple life
Fishing life is simple life
Plus Buddhist Thug Wife