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Haiku Journal Day 87 – Ode to be me 

Oh to be me then
To be who I think you want
Be perfect for you

Now midlife crisis
Crave understanding from all
Especially you

Therapeutic talk
I think we are breaking through
You can see my heart

Haiku Journal Day 77 – the year of shame

The year of found shame
Identifying shame tapes
Slowing of effects

Not alone, but where?
Where are people I can relate to?
No one has earned it.

Excitement climbing
Like Caintuckee Acres planes
Then boom, cover band

Really? A cover?
Why pay thirty bucks for Bob?
Could listen at home.

Still enjoyed the date
Definite memory made
No fault, it happens

Haiku Journal Day 53

Logical pathways
Bring religious convictions
Aetheistic stats

Science reveals truth
Fat, happy population
Bigger numbers lost

I’m fat and happy
Logic crossed line years ago
Questions come, now gone

Seek them internal
Seek answers, ye shall find them
Open minded needed

Haiku Journal Day 50

Variety spice
Vacation fun date today
Relaxing as well

Coffee with three pups
Oh and the husband with me
Cherish these moments

Waffle House breakfast
Field & Stream fish tale dreaming
Playful memories

Bourbon trail first stop
Back door, five minutes away
Standard wings, poker

Haiku Journal Day 48

Universe spoken
Do I ignore or ignite?
Frozen in these thoughts

Cannot see future
Are sacrifices worth it?
This one breaks my heart

What breaks my heart though?
Connection, Growth, Contribute,
Significant too

All my needs are met.
I like how it feels: hopeful
How else can that come?

Deserving, I am
You ask for a sacrifice
That is not the point

With you, currently
My needs are not met fully
Yet sacrifice still

And you feel the same
How can I meet those for you?
Certain is there still

Feel more, is that it?
If my feelings reflected
Then answer, I have