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Haiku Journal Day 212 – Thyroid Tired

Oh, fog in my head
I wish you would lift from me
My lids are like weights


Grateful Journal – Day 1

I need to start a grateful journal. This is today’s so far (at 9:00am).

1) I am grateful for the quiet I had this morning and the reflective time.
2) I am grateful that I stumbled on the 10 Rules for Success video that Evan Carmichael put together on YouTube.
3) I am grateful for Maya Angelou’s work.
4) I am grateful that Michelle called this morning.
5) I am grateful for one of the best donuts I’ve ever had when I came in. (Donut World, Cincinnati)

Last Night

Last night, I was instable.
Last night, I was overwhelmed in pain.
Last night, I wanted an escape.
I wanted to end it all.

Last night, my mind was heavy.
Last night, I was aware of the thought.
Last night, I tried true authenticity.
I don’t know if I like it.

Brené, you say it’s worth it.
Maya, you say her work is good.
Oprah, you showed up in my dreams.
Why are our 40s so hard?

My heart is tired.
My brain is tired too.
Is this really worth it?
Will you ever move too?