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Haiku journal day 89 – Free as a bird

Birds have to come home
It flies by day, sleeps by night
Home is where it lands

If heart is not home
Move to a new location
Where Birds still fly free


 Cedar Key, Our Home

North Key, find fish there
Seahorse Key, the place I roam
Cedar Key, Our Home

See quaint life unfold
Find simple love and life there
Cedar Key, Our Home

Someone send us there
Our island, our home and hearts
Cedar Key, Our Home

I long to be there
I long to reconnect there
Cedar Key, Our Home

Years ago, love grew
Dreams came, life fought the good fight
Cedar Key, Our Home

Seventy- five south
Twelve hours left for us to go
Cedar Key, Our Home

Home is calling us
Slow down pace is on our minds
Cedar Key, Our Home

So tired of pushing
Need the wind, sun on my face
Cedar Key, Our Home

Ever poetic
Inspiring the young and old
Cedar Key, Our Home

Sea gulls calling
Atsenia Otie, let’s explore
Cedar Key, Our Home

Oh Captain, my love
You are always so happy in
Cedar Key, Our Home

Haiku Journal Day 30

Physical labor
Therapy for the old soul
Family work day

Motivation drove
Behavioral based choices
Significance felt

O’ do not let me
Soul please don’t treat him the same
Always let me mind

Awareness is key
I stand between two worlds now
Mindful in this world

Haiku Journal: Day 21

You won’t allow dreams
Continues holding you back
And that breaks my heart

You won’t allow dreams
Negativeness consumes you
Expecting the worst

You won’t allow dreams
Therefore you’re not acheiving
It’s okay to dream

You won’t allow dreams
Your dreams became my dreams too
But you stopped dreaming

You won’t allow dreams
If I can, why cannot you?
It’s okay to dream

Haiku Journal: Day 15

Too early for words
Quiet reflections right now
It’s okay to feel

Feeling exhausted
Dreary weather allergies
So very tired now

His dad is in pain
Worrying, stuck inside head
My best friend hurting

What do I fear most?
My whole life mountain mole hills
Fear I’m not perfect.

Root? Desire for love?
Am I a perfectionist?
I think I might be.

Yikes, some profound words.
Good God, someone stop and help.
This far, I never knew.

Haiku Journal: Day 14

Quiet journaling
Healthy balance, Trust, Release
Questions were given

Healthy balance first
Selfcare, Friends with and without
Care for self, hobbies

Trust, sacrifices known
Mean what said, nothing hidden
Release old cross-stitch

Emotions are toughest
Shame? Embarrassed? Entitled?

Root cause difficult
Parental divorce pivot
Lost Dad to Stepmom

Is this need of love?
Is it a moving Target?
Is that emotion?