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Dear Paulette – 1st letter

Dear Paulette,

It has been since Mother’s Day last year since we spoke. I cherished you asking me how taking no vacation was working for me. And I’ll never forget it since it will be the last thing we ever said out loud to each other.

Since you crossed over the rainbow bridge in May, I’ve thought a lot about you. I mostly think about you when I see certain birds, feathers or pictures of them. I feel like you’re my connection to the universe. And I miss you. I know my mom misses you too. You were one of her best friends.

But we never really finished oure conversation that Mother’s Day at church. So to answer your question, it wasn’t, and still isn’t, working. In June, I went to Cedar Key with Josh and you’d be proud, the last eleven days, I’ve been chilling and enjoying my life before the end of the year. But now, it’s time to go back to work and I’m having anxiety. And I can feel pain in my abdomen that I’m starting to wonder if is stress-induced. I feel like I’m crafting psychosomatic symptoms. They feel real, but it’s hard to say anymore since test results don’t show any concerns.

So because of all this, I know it’s time to change. It’s time to jump out of the comfortable nest again and fly. So I’ve looked over the edge and do not feel worry….. I’ll keep you posted.

Oh and wave hi to all the other souls that are seeking new physical bodies.


Haiku journal day 206 – Quiet and Alone

Alone time, at last.
Recharging in the quiet.
I know me, you don’t.

I don’t need worry,
Only a conversation.
Imperfect balance.

Do I really love?
Or do I crave approval?
I’m in the briars.

Can’t find my way out.
I am always being poked.
I want to be calm.

Mom, boss, or husband,
I do not trust your motives.
You are all the same.

Life Class 1 0 1
Lean into the joy

What is holding me?
Not being grateful for time.
What am I thankful?