Haiku Journal Day 28

So tired of tired
Scarcity consumes my thoughts
Yawning in my sleep

When is my life break?
Craving more time before work
Work hard, play harder


Haiku Journal: Day 27

Drive shame surfaces
Vulnerability hides
His anger restrained

Hates analysis
Fear not, my love, my teammate
I knew long before

Shared spirit hint
No judgement came upon me
However quiet

Do hawks fall in love?
Do they stay behind for injured?
They assume clipped wings?

Felt the love today
Saw an old man come to life
It is time to break

Haiku Journal: Day 26

Shame, my emotion
Not like predatory birds
Seeking spirit guide

Showing your belly
Am I vulnerable yet?
Keys to connection

Common poetry
Songly artists say it well
Life is a poem

Reflection nightly
Thinking about our life here
Musical insight

Artists paint the lines
Paint me so delicately
I feel your soft pain

Haiku Journal: Day 25

Fear not my darling
You deserve your dreams and more
Speak nice to yourself

Baby, Wake Up Slow
Jack Johnson knows the secrets
Mike Franti knows too

The Universe gives
The key is waiting for you
A snake would bite you

We deserve the joy
Allow yourself to dream more
Fear not my darling

Haiku Journal: Day 22

You are acknowledged
Anxiety lingers here
Replaced with logic

I see through my fear
Codependency no more
I’m worthy of it

Puppies, naps and more
Relaxing puzzle times too
Date night wings plus beer