Haiku Journal: Day 11

Crazy dreams, alarm
Morning routine changed, get up
So tired, Monday morn

Ten thousand hours spent
Practicing as elitist
Love, my religion

I miss being home
Longing for your company
Music touches soul

Why do you dream mean?
What continues to hurt you?
Please let it go soon.


Haiku Journal: Day 10

Start the day slower
Ease into morning, coffee
Pups, husband, glowing

Clean and chores weekend
In and out, dog walking too
My heart is so full

If it only were
Time for retirement now
I am ready more

Busy body now
Monday coming super fast
Great Sunday with him

Ended satisfied
Bones and muscles singing songs
Worked hard, played hard too

Haiku Journal: Day 9

Inanimate objects
No problem, but cannot see
My darlings’ auras

Need coffee right now
Dog fight, adrenaline rush
Don’t need coffee now

Scheduled float today
Jumping into dreams and heads
Setting intentions now

Convention no go
Did not pass first three reasons
Guilt feelings no more

Told him plan last night
He was skeptical, quiet
Showed essential quiz

Healing during floats
I come to you while sleeping
We made love, you woke

Haiku Journal: Day 8

Noises are too loud
Sensory overloadeded
Lavendar fill me

Nature peaceful bliss
Morning sun shining on me
Desperately needed

Cedar Key calling
Practiced visual aura
Mindful expansion

Seeing inside them
See them fulfilled and peaceful
Not just broken parts

Physical world limits
Healthy manifestation
Believe, yes, believe

Haiku Journal: Day 7

One week,this day now
My Haiku Journal Lessons
Thinking takes practice

Today, no will pow’r
Stress eating at it’s finest
Frustrating ego

Wanted to share choice
Chose to be silent instead
Scared of his judgement

Codependent fears exist
Just tell him you sold

Again stress eating
My belly is full and fat
Why can I not stop?

Relaxing bath time
Arguing with my own mind
Soaking in the smells

Can wait a day, but
He will be relieved to hear
Why does it scare me?

Haiku Journal: Day 6

You ask why Haiku?
Condensing essential words
And training my brain

He struggles internal
I struggle with his struggle
It makes us both sad

He quit believing
A glimpse occasionally
He still has fight though

Brain drain while working
Exhausted, no words are left
Fell asleep by the fire

Belly button pokes
Laughing, our nightly routine
Oh my love, grateful

Haiku Journal: Day 5

Dream world brought Daisy
She brought a message, I know
Cut off growth maybe?

Not sure what she said
In time, it will be revealed
Patiently waiting

Skipping Convention?
Unnecessary this time.
Invest in your dreams

Performance Appraised
Excited about friendships
Common goals with team

Future looks brigher
Craving hamburgers and fries
Emotions eating?

Stuck in my thinking
Higher vibrations with me
Until I am at home

Frequency lowers
I cower and worry fear
Tonight I tried more