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Haiku Journal Day 145 – Karma

Act of charity
Vulnerability shines through
Friend in need, indeed


Haiku Journal Day 67 – develop a mantra

What is my mantra?
Show up and be seen? Be there.
Don’t shrink or puff up?

My daily mantra,
A daily worthiness goal.
Flee from worthlessness.

What holds me back most?
What causes me to shrink back?
Fear, not belonging.

I am worthy of love.
Worthy of belonging too.
I am an adult.

Haiku Journal Day 53

Logical pathways
Bring religious convictions
Aetheistic stats

Science reveals truth
Fat, happy population
Bigger numbers lost

I’m fat and happy
Logic crossed line years ago
Questions come, now gone

Seek them internal
Seek answers, ye shall find them
Open minded needed

Haiku Journal Day 52

Still crave spiritual
Sunday morning, Johnny Cash
Can take the girl out

Live the life of dog
Content, happy, relaxed too
Why longing for more?

Dogs and contentment
Occasionally not so
But study them still

Many times, bullshit
Can get you to the top, But
it can’t keep you there.

Generation abuse
Successful miserably
Sadhguru teaching

Human nature longs
We seek what we do not have
Self defeat always

Don’t seek, you don’t go
Life desire: destination
Choice: dragged or driving

Suffering will come
Meditation removes it

Happy, not the point
Likes and dislikes, stupid things
My pit teaches me