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Haiku Journal Day 59

Pointless work, no more
Making everything count for what?
Still a rat racing

Enjoy daily task
Corporate America job
Enjoy the journey

Did my teacher come?
Yes, few appeared recently
Ate feelings all day.

Mother’s Day blues here
This identity needs death
Struggling for meaning

Haiku Journal Day 51

No words for today
Blank mind, yet at peace mostly
Cherish little things

Sighs, tickles, laughter
Every day chores, silliness
Planning and helping

Nothing too special
Just comfortably happy
Every day marriage

Haiku Journal Day 46

Monday morning webs
Dreams keep calling me back home
The struggle is real

Coffee coffee yum
Almond milk and chocolate
Creamy warm goodness

Kicking today’s ass
Taking names along the way
Turned into good day

Come home to your love
Self doubt joins the coaster ride
Sleeping meds rescue

Haiku Journal Day 41

See, don’t just look there
Listen, don’t just hear the words
Feel, don’t just touch it

Taste, don’t just consume
Smell, don’t just inhale it all
Sensory aware

I saw the lanterns
I heard the pup snores and frogs
I felt the sprinkler

I heard his deep voice
I felt the burn of brandy
I laughed at his burp