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Haiku Journal Day 168 – We’re not them

Do not worry, my love
Together for twenty years
Nowhere close to them


Haiku Journal Day 67 – develop a mantra

What is my mantra?
Show up and be seen? Be there.
Don’t shrink or puff up?

My daily mantra,
A daily worthiness goal.
Flee from worthlessness.

What holds me back most?
What causes me to shrink back?
Fear, not belonging.

I am worthy of love.
Worthy of belonging too.
I am an adult.

Haiku Journal Day 50

Variety spice
Vacation fun date today
Relaxing as well

Coffee with three pups
Oh and the husband with me
Cherish these moments

Waffle House breakfast
Field & Stream fish tale dreaming
Playful memories

Bourbon trail first stop
Back door, five minutes away
Standard wings, poker

Haiku Journal Day 31

One month, come and gone
Time flies, haiku reflections
Emotion arrived

Easter Sunday Joy
Memories that touched my heart
Tears streamed, no reason

Studied their auras
Time has not been kind to some
Confusion, fear, joy

Do all become mean?
Is it the culture we learn?
How do some break free?

What’s she avoiding?
Memories haunt bird lady?
Certain, unique, love